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flour arrowroot facts


hulled barley facts

flour or meal barley facts

malt flour barley facts


dry bulgur facts

cooked bulgur facts

Corn grain

yellow corn grain facts

white corn grain facts

Corn bran

crude corn bran facts

Corn flour

whole-grain corn flour facts

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masa corn flour facts

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degermed corn flour facts

Cornmeal whole-grain

yellow cornmeal whole-grain facts

white cornmeal whole-grain facts

Cornmeal self-rising

bolted cornmeal self-rising facts

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cornstarch facts


dry couscous facts

cooked couscous facts


raw millet facts

cooked millet facts

flour millet facts

Oat bran

raw oat bran facts

cooked oat bran facts

Oat flour

partially debranned oat flour facts


uncooked quinoa facts

cooked quinoa facts

Rice White

long-grain rice white facts

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medium-grain rice white facts

SHOW MORE medium grain rice white Listings

short-grain rice white facts

SHOW MORE short grain rice white Listings

steamed rice white facts

Rice bran

crude rice bran facts

Rice Flour

white rice flour facts

brown rice flour facts

Rice Wild rice

raw rice wild rice facts

cooked rice wild rice facts

Rice Noodles

dry rice noodles facts

cooked rice noodles facts


grain rye facts

Rye flour

dark rye flour facts

medium rye flour facts

light rye flour facts


enriched semolina facts

unenriched semolina facts


pearl tapioca facts


triticale triticale facts

Triticale flour

whole-grain triticale flour facts


hard red spring wheat facts

hard red winter wheat facts

soft red winter wheat facts

hard white wheat facts

soft white wheat facts

durum wheat facts

sprouted wheat facts

vital wheat gluten wheat facts

Wheat flour Bread

unenriched wheat flour bread facts

Wheat Flour White

all-purpose wheat flour white facts

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bread wheat flour white facts

cake wheat flour white facts

tortilla mix wheat flour white facts

(industrial) wheat flour white facts

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Wheat Flour Whole-Grain

wheat flour whole-grain facts

soft wheat wheat flour whole-grain facts

Wheat Bran

crude wheat bran facts

Wheat Germ

crude wheat germ facts


egg noodles facts

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chinese noodles facts

japanese noodles facts

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cooked spaghetti facts

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protein-fortified spaghetti facts

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uncooked spelt facts

cooked spelt facts


uncooked teff facts

cooked teff facts

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Primary compilation data:
US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory.
USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 27. Current: August 2014.

Phytonutients are chemical properties in plants that provide protection from disease and free radicals. The Bible diet plant foods are rich in phyto chemicals and a great source of antioxidants and fiber while low in fats and cholesterol.

Seven Rainbow Colors
1. red 5. blue
2. orange 6. indigo
3. yellow 7. violet
4. green
Seven Basic Nutrients
1. Vitamins 5. Fats
2. Minerals 6. Fiber
3. Carbohydrates 7. Water
4. Proteins
Seven Health Needs
1. Exercise
2. Simple diet
3. Sunshine
4. Rest
5. Pure Water
6. Clean air
7. Daily Communion